Sunday, 17 February 2013

While Daddy is away: Family Day weekend 2013


We match a lot of the time

      This long weekend Mark and his buds went skiing south of the border. Abigail and I have not gone without him for this long ever (okay, so for about four and a half months). We miss him, but we've been keeping busy, and taking every opportunity to soak up each others company. She is the sweetest little thing I tell ya. Daddy being gone means the tv hasn't been on much, I've been eating dinner in bed with the laptop open to wedding plans and I've actually had three square meals of salad each day. We eat well and get out a lot, don't get me wrong...but without someone else to cook for I chose ready-from-the-fridge meals. Oh, it also means Ellie Goulding all day and some Glee sprinkled throughout.

Uncle John with the leaf blower and a TML jersey. Don't worry, we're not sure either :)

bundled, blinded and frozen. 

     Friday I babysat here, as per the usual routine, and then Saturday morning we took our first sleigh ride on the Rideau Canal. It was Abigail's grandma's birthday so almost the whole clan was there to celebrate. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we both really enjoyed seeing family. Today we'll be travelling out of town to watch Abby's cousin Keely play hockey in a tournament. Abigail is no stranger to hockey arenas. She is such a little Canadian girl already. Our first Family Day weekend has been filled with family and love, we've been very lucky.

Sleepy morning doe eyes

that tongue

little baby, big bed.

new blonde hair, and a camera-ready baby

I love this girl <3

We hope you're having a wonderful weekend too!


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