Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Staff Beach Party

            Incredible food, incredible friends, fantastic weather. We're really going to miss the Supply and Demand family.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Wedding Plans: Engagement Photos

           We had our niece (technically my soon-to-be niece) take engagement photos at the cottage the weekend before last. We needed them for our Save the Dates which will be going out soon. It was a really hot day, but we still got some great shots. Thanks, Keely!

                We are clearly very awkward in front of the camera, but we're working on it. I can't wait to look at these a year from now and see how much we've changed. We're both working hard on changing our lifestyle habits to get in shape for the wedding! Wish us luck :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Father's Day: Why I love Daddy

Abigail takes longer than most to write blog posts, so here is her long-overdue Father's Day post for Mark: (she's really sorry for the delay) 

These are just some of the reasons I love my "Dada"
He makes me laugh during mealtime
He eats my feet
He made me laugh before anyone else.
   He taught me how to be cool in pictures
He lets me crash in his bed after a long night
We're like twins sometimes
Seriously. We match a lot.
We've been bros from the start.
He let me stay up late to watch The Avengers
He's really proud of me already, and wears that heart on his sleeve pretty literally.
He doesn't panic when I wake up during a dinner party, and knows just how to lull me back to sleep while still being the best host/dj around
We're the best nap partners
He takes me out, even on laundry day, when I'm dressed like this.
He makes me giggle and squeal while all the ladies around us sigh for some reason.
He takes me for walks and hangs out at the Canal with me.
He splashes with me!
He loves me ALMOST as much as I love him.

Cottage Life

     Since finishing my work as a nanny, I have been dividing my time between packing up house in the big city, and enjoying myself/tutoring at the Big Rideau. The cottage Mark's family has there is wonderful. It is such a peaceful retreat. Though we've yet to experience a weekend without cold and/or rain, we still love it. 

       So does Abigail.  She went swimming every day, rain or shine, at least once a day. She LOVES the water! She also loves playing with her cousins Quinn and Keely (Liam she missed you!). Between Auntie Beth and Grandma, Mark and I get a bit of a break at the cottage. For some reason they both really like taking Abby. Papa got a fancy new tv for the cottage that's bigger (and nicer) than any of the sets anyone has in their homes. It is GIANT. New leather furniture is being delivered to the cottage this week too, next weekend we'll think we're at a resort or something. As long as the lake, the porch, and a swing or hammock is around, I don't think Abby would notice that anything has changed.

     We ate lots of fresh strawberries, watched a fancy new television, did some creative writing, took engagement photos, and had a lot of reading time. Abby worked out a new napping schedule, played blocks and transformers with Quinn, ate and ate and ate, crawled in a million different ways, stood up a lot and used every bathtub-like basin on the property for bedtime prep. That girl is adaptable, and I love it. 

     Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!