Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Abigail: 4 months, 3 weeks

This is Clara and her Grandma Fran and Abby with her Grandma at the Smith's Falls arena

     Abigail and I went to Smith's Falls with her Grandma and Papa this weekend. We got to see her cousin Keely's team play. Keely had an amazing game and was awarded "Most Valuable Player" of the game! Her team went on to win the tournament. We are very proud of that lady. Abby's Aunt Beth drove us back to Ottawa after the game, it was nice to spend quality time with them all. We also got to see some of Mark's family's friends while at the game. I met them all this summer at the cottage, it will be so much fun to see all the kids play together next year. 

Abigail couldn't keep her eyes off the ice, not even to laugh or talk to family and friends.

      Monday night Mark came home! We were both very excited to see him- Abby positively lights up when she sees her Dad- I mean even smiling and laughing at him when he's not looking at her. I made ribs and potato salad to surprise him, and we watched a movie after the little one was in bed. Tuesday we were surprised when his boss called and gave him the day off! (Thanks Jen!) It was perfect: we got all our errands done, spent time together and everyone got to catch up on sleep. But that restful feeling was short-lived and we all woke up feeling under the weather today. Poor Mark got the worst of it and spent all day drinking tea and napping next to the humidifier. There's a casserole of homemade cabbage rolls waiting for him when he gets home tonight.
       Here is a wild barrage of pictures showing what being sick and stuck on the couch all morning looks like with Abigail and Mark:

Such a good sport for her Mommy

And oh so lazy.

Little stinker got up at 6:45am this morning, and didn't go down for her morning nap until 11:30 am.

Yep that's my little baby sitting up on her own. She can do it for about 30-45 seconds at a time before she bends too far for her toes and either spits up or tips over. She is getting strong though.

Another new trick in Abigail's repertoire: putting herself to sleep after soothing herself with thumb-sucking. Adorable these two.  

So many emotions, so little time.

I can hear her saying, "MOOOOOOMMMM" in my head. We are going to embarrass her so much.

My heart explodes with joy. 

   Abigail is getting too big for her infant tub so we tried just putting an inch or two of water in the full tub and SOMEONE splashed all over the place tonight. She was so excited to have so much water under her feet- bath time is getting more and more fun. We'll probably look into a bath seat soon, until she can sit more securely on her own.
      Abby's Grandma and I picked out her Christening gown and accessories and babygirl is going to look good! I can't wait to see everyone dressed up and take pictures of our little family all dolled up. We don't have many pictures as a family, especially pictures with Abigail smiling. So many exciting things in the coming months! Spring is bringing changes for us here.

What does Spring have in store for you and yours?


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