Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Heart is Full

          This is what February looks like around our apartment. I strung up some paper hearts, wrote love letters on our mirrors and we've been taking extra time to say "I love you" every chance we get. The snow may keep us inside, but it's making us more thankful for our quiet times together. Late winter is helping us find peace. 

Little paper hearts (really they are just my way of splashing pink around while I can). 
      This is my favourite. Abigail's neck is VERY ticklish, and she makes the silliest squeals when I blow raspberries. 
          Inspired by the free printable over at Tried & True
      She has so much fun with her Daddy. Right after this shot Mark realized that Abigail kept licking his hand when he covered her mouth, it was pretty funny.
      When I see this picture I think about how pre-mom me would obsess over my gross hair and the size of my arms, but mom me only sees the love in my eyes and that chubby little face. She is making me a better woman everyday. 
         I love them, not just for the month of love, but forever. I am one lucky lady. 

How is February treating you?

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