Monday, 25 February 2013

A Visit Long Overdue

There are three pregnant ladies in this photo, and one month later there would be four :)

      Teacher's college has been over for me for almost a year. I can't believe how much I miss seeing the people in my classes. As a part of one of the school's special cohorts, the Comprehensive School Health Cohort, I saw the same 44 people almost everyday for a year. Those people became my family. They are the best. I miss them wholeheartedly, and think about them constantly. 

     This past weekend I got to see two of my classmates with whom I became fast friends. They are beautiful, talented women who epitomize the woman I hope to become. Steph and I grabbed lunch at the Manx on Friday, and Mark, Abby and I went to Mountain, Ontario to visit Linda and her two sons on Sunday. I didn't take pictures while out with Steph, mostly because Abigail had her first explosion of screams in a restaurant and Mark came and rescued me/her, but we had our first beer together since before pregnancy. Abigail loves her Daddy, and was happy as soon as he got there. What a turkey.

     Sunday we packed Abigail up bright and early and made the hour drive to Linda's house. She has an amazing piece of property in rural Ontario, and two very adorable boys. We both had not met each other's babies and it was fun to catch up and munch on authentic Mexican tacos. Mark and I raved about them the whole drive home. 

Gabe loved the camera and kept trying to take his own pictures, he settled for us taking some of him.

Abby warmed to Linda right away. I know how she feels, that woman is amazing. I love her. Adrian wasn't so sure of another baby showing up.

Cheese monster

How a King eats his lunch.


They might be in love.

This boy melts my heart.


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