Thursday, 31 January 2013

Craft Fair

     This April I have the opportunity to participate in my first craft fair. I am incredibly nervous and excited about the prospect of my crafts being purchased by others. This week I have been working away on prototypes for the goods I want to sell. I hope to make some new friends and sell a few of my baby headbands. 
     My best friend, Sheila, helped me with naming my line of baby goods: Blueberry Blossoms. "Blueberry" for Abigail's nickname and "Blossom" because it means alliteration success. We're English major dorks. I am making three or four different designs and naming them using the top female baby names that Mark and I loved and debated through when we were naming Abigail. I have three down so far, and am still deciding on the fourth. I used mostly recycled materials to ensure the softest feel for baby's head, as well as to produce a more environmentally conscious product. Everything is hand sewn because I have an irrational fear of my sewing machine. 

This is the Olivia

The Charlotte

The Abigail

     I promise this girl does smile. She just doesn't like having hats put on, and I think that's what she thought I was doing. Poor girl doesn't love the camera so much either...I swear I don't have an over-documentation problem...

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