Sunday, 20 January 2013

make it happen

           I saw this print on Pinterest the other day, and it really struck me how much it relates to my life in so many ways. I was drawn to it not just because it's pretty, and totally something I would put in Abigail's room, but because it is something I need to remind myself of these days. I love being a stay at home mom, and really (honestly) do feel fulfilled each and every day, but making certain changes have been difficult for me. For example, making physical activity a part of my daily like is something that I've had to "make happen." It's a great way to boost my mood during the winter blues, get Abigail outside, be a positive role model and get into shape for our 2014 wedding- but it's not something I've always *cough* enjoyed doing. 
            Eating healthier is also something we've had to "make happen" as a family. Mark and I have been meal planning and strategically shopping since I moved into this apartment last May, but making sure to eat more balanced meals has really been more of an ongoing growth thing than an accomplishment already reached. 
            We want these things for ourselves, and for Abigail, but that doesn't mean they don't require lots of effort on our part, we need to remember that. 2013 is seeing this family make lots of changes for the better. We are making things happen over here!

What are you making happen?

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