Thursday, 24 January 2013

A beautiful butterfly bunting

       I am slowly but surely finishing Abigail's nursery. It has been a struggle not to rush things, and to only include pieces that I really love and that really add something to the space. I spend a lot of time in there; nursing, rocking, changing and dressing her so I want to enjoy the room too.  This week I started her statement wall. Yep, my four month old will have a statement wall. Mark and I painted her room light green this Summer, and decided on dark espresso furniture. So the bones of the room are there, it's just not quite finished yet.
     This week I saw a clever and inspiring bunting on Kaylah's cork-board. She used the pages of a thrifted science textbook and the finished look is so pretty!  I had a similar book given to me during my first practice teaching placement which had started to crack at the spine. Instead of throwing it out or letting it decompose further on my bookshelf, I decided to use the pretty diagrams to decorate Abigail's room.
     I simply chose the pages with the biggest pictures and least amount of text. Next I cut one page into the shape I wanted and used it as a template to cut the others. Then I used hot glue to adhere the pages to a length of burgundy yarn. I taped it to the wall and stood back to admire it!

  So here is the inspiration via The Dainty Squid:

     Here is my version in the nursery:

When I finally jump on the washi tape bandwagon I will be able to get rid of the scotch tape currently holding it up. 


I love the way the pages are starting to brown. 

This one is my favourite.

        I am excited to start adding more to the walls. I'm feeling really creative again, and I feel like blogging is helping to keep me motivated. I think I might make my own cardboard letters next, and use the same yarn to cover them. 
   What has you inspired these days?

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