Sunday, 20 January 2013

Abigail: 3 months, 3 weeks

Big News This Month:

      Abigail is talking, laughing, standing and sitting with help, rolling from her tummy to her back and loving tummy tickles. This month she also started sleeping in her crib and gave up on night time feedings. The first night it happened we thought we just hadn't heard her when we woke up the next morning (talk about a "terrible parent moment" ) but then we realized that her blanket hadn't moved all night! Our little lady keeps surprising us and bowling us over with how special and wonderful she is. Her smiles and belly laughs bring tears to my eyes still. I feel so overwhelmingly loved and lucky. She is our angel, our unexpected miracle. 

She loves playing on her tummy now. Watching her do little baby push ups is amazing!

Standing is her new favourite, maybe Daddy's too!

She has started looking up at us like this. It melts my heart watching her smile at her Daddy.

The smiles and squeals that come from her when she catches that blue bird are adorable. She loves her playmat. She also loves to scoot herself around in circles with her feet to reach different toys. she's a mover.

Looking Forward To: 

       Sitting up without mommy and daddy's help, rolling from her back to her tummy, and reaching for us. Continuing to watch this little lady grow and change and learn. She is learning so fast.

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