Monday, 4 March 2013

Today's Parent: Custom Covers

      I subscribe to a few magazines through my phone account with Rogers (a $1.00 for a magazine, yep you got me). I won a promotional subscription to Today's Parent during one of Rogers' customer appreciation events last year. I enjoy reading it, but mostly I love looking through the product reviews, recipes and tear out the coupons. Sometimes I read a gut-wrenching story, but usually the beautiful homes just make me feel trapped in our small apartment...


     Any magazine that lets me put my daughter on the cover is alright in my books. That's right you heard it here first, I'd totally be a stage mom. Abby can live my dream if she wants to. She's already a star in my eyes :)
     If you currently subscribe to Today's Parent, then head over to their website to make a complimentary cover of your own. The June edition will come with your custom cover. You can order extras too for grandparents and relatives. Such a cute grandparent gift. In the meantime you can share the image online through social media and email. I love this idea. 

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