Friday, 22 March 2013

Choosing Godparents: Abigail's Godmother

     This is part one of a two part series. Can I even call it a series if there are only two posts? Probably not. For lack of a more appropriate term we'll just stick with it though. Choosing godparents was not something I knew much about before I met Mark. I mean I've seen it in popular culture and knew about it in general, but never really considered it something I would be a part of one day.  My family is Protestant, and very loosely Protestant at that. That's not to say we're immoral scoundrels, just that we are not a regularly seen bunch at church, is all. I've been to a baptism ceremony, attended a Mass here or there but had never been a participating member of such a celebration or occasion. I've had a very unique path to faith, and my beliefs are far from traditional in that sense. 
      Mark comes from a large Irish Catholic family. I had a lot to learn about all of the above. Choosing godparents for Abigail came soon after we decided whether or not she would be baptised. I'm all for letting a child choose and discover their own faith, but I also respect tradition; so baptised she will be. Mark's mother and I shopped for a baptism gown and bonnet and set a date for the ceremony. I am going to make her a special Spring inspired headband to match. My family will come into town, and so will Abigail's godmother, which brings me back to my story...
    When Mark and I discussed how we would choose godparents our ideas were very similar. Mark and I may have been brought up differently in terms of religion, but our morals and values are very much the same. When we talked about who Abigail's ideal godparents would be, it wasn't about who would raise her if something happened, we'll save that for the will. Instead we decided that her godparents would be people we admired and loved and respected. People who had the moral fibre of great leaders, who were loyal friends, trustworthy confidants and those who we would love for her to look up to. We also decided right away that those people would not be family. Family will already be in her life, to us that went without saying. Family is extremely important to us, and Abigail will see them as often as possible. She will love and respect them already. We wanted two people who were our age who could serve as the pseudo Aunt and Uncle. People she could call if she had a question she didn't want to ask her lame mom or dad. 
      We also decided that each of us would choose one. I would choose the godmother, and Mark would choose the godfather. He liked that, choosing the godfather. It's funny to say. So I could tell you that I sat and thought about it for hours, that I prayed on it or even just slept on it, but I knew in my heart right away. I knew who I would want Abigail to look up to. I knew who I would want to include in her life. My best and most fiercely loyal friend, Sheila. 
      Sheila and I met in grade school. If you want a more detailed account of the moment we met (ie. what we were both wearing, the weather or what my first words to her were) I'm sure Sheila could tell you. That woman has an INCREDIBLE memory. I'm honestly not even exaggerating. Apart from her elephant memory, Sheila also has an amazing imagination. She will be the one who inspires Abigail to play, to explore, to imagine a world beyond this one. Her creativity has always inspired me so much, I fail to find the words for how awe inspiring this woman's ability to create magic is. She is also brave. She is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is strong. She is nurturing and loving. She loves to learn. She always strives to better herself. She never settles for less than she deserves. She is SO much more rational than I am. She is the kind of friend whom you can not communicate with for a month, and then run back to as soon as your heart begins to ache with missing her, and things will fall into the exact place they were when you last spoke. She is absolutely everything I want for Abigail's future. She is so inspiring, I cannot imagine Abigail's life without her in it. It was a no-brainer, and so Sheila will become Abigail's godmother, and we are so honoured that she accepted the role. 

   I can't wait to see Sheila again. I can't wait for Abby to see her again. We haven't seen each other since Christmas, and since her visit shortly after Abigail was born before then. Toronto is too far from Ottawa (as is Windsor) and we dream of a future where we find ourselves closer together. We Skype, though probably not often enough, Abigail loves hearing Aunty Sheila's voice. She gives her the biggest smiles. It really is true love.

    Here are some photos I took just weeks after we brought Abigail home from the hospital. Sheila came in, dropped her bags and took such great care of us during her visit. She made sure I got to shower, drove us to pick up take out, and rocked a crying Abigail to sleep while feeding her a bottle. For a few days after Sheila left, Abby looked to the spot in the bathroom where Sheila sat during bath time. Little Abigail knew already how much Sheila was going to mean in her life. Our girl is so smart already. 

      I can't get over how small Abigail looks in these photographs. I can't wait to take more this May. Sheila, we are so excited to see you again. Thank you for being such an important part of Abigail's life. Guys, how gorgeous is my best friend? 
      I am going to post a similar entry about how Mark chose Abigail's godfather, but first we need to do a little photo shoot with that dude. He's a highly sought after godfather, so it'll be hard to get him I'm sure. :)

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