Friday, 15 March 2013

Abigail: 5 months, 2 weeks

     Abigail has been changing so much these past weeks. We've seen her adjust to coming to work with me, sit on her own, outgrow her beloved playmat and gain so much control over her hands. Everyday I feel like I'm looking at a new baby girl. She is so wonderful and amazing. She's cute too.
Abigail and I have had March break off from the nanny gig, so we've been spending all our time slowing things down. That is, until she takes a nap, then I cut and sew and craft the headbands I'm selling at a coming craft fair. We also visited a potential wedding venue, ate lunch at Union 613 with Mark and did some much needed Spring Cleaning. We also had a nice, albeit quick, visit with two friends! Alex came from Toronto and Eean FINALLY had enough time free to stop by. She loved them both. I love seeing people meet her for the first time, she makes people laugh so much. Makes me sure I'm not just weird to think she's so awesome, ya know?
      Abby is SO close to clapping her hands together, is making some new letter sounds (no "mama" or "dada" yet!) and moving more and more daily. She laughs at a lot too: us laughing, loud noises, belly and feet tickles, me singing and splashing in the tub. Her laugh is like a swift punch to my ovaries, if you know what I mean. Hold on there Abby, I'm not ready for you to have siblings just yet. Here is what we've been up to according to my iPhone:


This is also another way Abby melts my heart: first time side-saddle in the Ergo! 

Her bed head is incredible

Blurry, but yummy. Abby, Mark and I enjoyed lunch at Union 613

We spend a lot of time around the apartment in my bed, in our skivvies. 

Abby got a new toy...and she is MUCH stronger because of it. Thanks, Kinley bean 

See, I've been busy.

An early morning snap, post breakfast mess of course.

The girl loves to eat. She does not love when the food is gone however.

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