Sunday, 24 March 2013

Abby Eats

        This is my messy little girl. Though she looks sad, she just gets pretty tired after breakfast in the morning, and goes down for her nap after we get cleaned up and read a story or two in the rocking chair. She loves to eat, it's just a lot of work because she does a lot on her own! She usually eats better for Daddy (or at least did when we first started solids) I think she was frustrated that I didn't just nurse her when I was the one offering the spoon.

         Abigail started eating solids this month, and though we had a reasonably rough start, she is doing really well now. Before it was all "spoon in spit out" and now it's all "lean in and whine with my mouth open when I see the spoon coming." Her favourite breakfast right now is oatmeal starter cereal, milk or formula and pureed apples and bananas. She usually has a fruit or veg and cereal mixed with milk, formula or water (depending on the cereal or how much I've been able to pump). She also loves using those little net feeders. We got quite a few as gifts, and have been using them a lot. Abby loves frozen mixed berries. It's messy, but it's helping to improve her hand-eye coordination and gives me more time to get her food ready. I know that we're not following the usual pattern for feeding, but Abigail is healthy, and happy and we haven't had an allergy scare yet. :)

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