Tuesday, 19 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

     We're lucky, and we know it. Wanna know how we know we're lucky? As parents of a five and a half month old, we don't hesitate to RSVP with a resounding "YES!" to a St. Patrick's day party without even thinking about getting a sitter. Abby came with us and dressed for the occasion. In all our green glory my family of three visited with friends, had a few "brown pops" as my dad would say, and really enjoyed seeing everyone react to the baby in the room. She even napped in our friends, Ryan and Danielle's, bed while the party went on around her. Such an adaptable cutie pie.
     Danielle was kind enough to capture some really great moments for us while we were busy trying to make Abigail laugh for her spectators. There's something so incredible about watching a room full of male twenty something's fixate on a baby. Honestly I didn't get to hold her much, but that's how it goes. Abby loved the novelty hat Ryan wore and kept reaching for it. She also chewed on novelty four leaf clover necklaces and took sips from green shot glasses (much to the delight of aforementioned twenty something's ). Watch out Octomom I might just beat you for world's best mom this year.
      We're back to work this week, Abigail and I, but I hope to keep the craft momentum going and have a huge pile of headbands ready for the craft fair. If you weren't planning on going, I hope you are now. I will share some exciting details about vendors and date/location type info soon.

     How was your St. Patrick's day?

Ryan and Mark looking mighty Irish.

Abby was bewildered by all the noise and different faces at first.

See how much she loves St. Patrick's Day?!

Ryan is wearing the mesmerizing hat, Abby is sporting a handmade St. Paddy's headband I whipped up the night before.

My hair never used to grow this fast. Root touch up here I come!

I know it's blurry, but look at the love happening here, folks!

A HUGE thank you to our hosts with the most! Ryan and Danielle, it was amazing to see you both again. Thank you for the rad time, and even more for letting our baby crash on your bed!

Just one of the kids

My leprechaun and I. 

Edited to include a few more photos by our friend Kristina, just because I can:

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