Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Nursery

          The statement wall is coming along guys, I know you were dying to see it. Here's a peek at the small things we've been adding to the nursery lately. 

      I made that rabbit stuffy for Abigail before she was born. I used to make felt animals all the time, but hadn't in about two years. It was very special to be creating something for my daughter. I love it. It has a little floral tail too. I hope she carries it around one day. If she doesn't, that's okay too, I still like it. The button piece is one I drew years ago after being inspired by a piece done by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. It's decorated three apartments and I think it works really well in this space. I made the tissue pom poms using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. The two buntings were also made by moi, and I just recently covered the bumper pads with  a vintage sheet I found at a 50% sale at Value Village. 
  I love the mix of textures and contrast that's starting to happen in her room. I'm so glad that we decided to go with a gender neutral colour on the walls, it's meant that I can add girly touches but still use more mature, darker shades. 
      There is a third print that goes with the set we purchased at Ikea a while back (Paris), the humidifier keeps loosening the tape I used to hang them and it is the only one of the three that keeps falling. I'm giving it a rest for a while. I think I might put it beneath the hearts instead, but I also may want to put a mirror there for when she starts standing. I think it would be adorable to watch her look at herself all the time. I would too if I was as cute as she is.
   Here are some other little peeks at the rest of the nursery from my iPhone: 
    Once I finally buy some chalk, I'm going to stop using the mini wooden chalkboard I saved from the garbage truck as a blanket display. The steamer trunk under there is pretty wicked too. It needs some elbow grease, but it has really good bones, and an even greater history. I can't wait to work on it this summer.

     These two beautiful ladies are no longer with us, but we keep them close to our hearts and in Abigail's room. Mark's sister, Jane, and my Grandmother, Elizabeth. Abby's middle names come from these two incredible women. We miss them everyday, and want to make sure Abby knows them.

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