Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wedding Plans: The Venue

      Well, we booked it. The date is set, the venue arranged and now it's real. July 26, 2014 Mark and I will become man and wife (instead of man and baby momma). I had originally wanted to book August 9, 2014 because that was the anniversary of our first date, but it wasn't the right day of the week and unavailable at our venue anyway. 
       We'll be getting hitched at the Britannia Yacht Club. If I learn how to spell "yacht" by then, it'll be a huge accomplishment. Thank goodness for autocorrect is all I'm saying. The space is incredible, and was VERY affordable. It has great bones for decorating, and I can't say that I'm disappointed to be married RIGHT.ON.THE.WATER. 
     In other wedding related news, I also picked up an awesome dress for the church ceremony we'll be having separately. Yep, married twice- we're THAT special. I never thought I'd be the girl to buy two wedding dresses, but hey, what can I do? It's a super adorable vintage piece I snapped up at Victoire's vintage dress sale, To the Nines, with one of my bridesmaids, Jen. I need to find a seamstress to make it fit a modern body, and fix a few tears- but it's really sweet. Think Betty Draper. I can't wait, guys.   

   And just because we're talking about weddings, this is a portrait of my wonderful parents on their big day. July 13- which is an awesome coincidence for us! (13+13=26...better in my head I bet) My parents, grandparents, brother and best friend will be here next week for Abigail's baptism. I AM SO EXCITED. (Also, my parents are stylish)

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