Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter 2013: Brunch

     Easter Sunday was a busy day. We belong to a rather large family, so when we all get together we make a lot of noise. The wonderful folks at Emerald Links Golf & Country Club gave us a great space upstairs to ourselves and accommodated our large numbers. The buffet was impressive and always well-stocked (a tremendous feat considering how busy they were!). Definitely a place to keep in mind for group functions! We got to meet new babies, show of Abigail, and eat great food with great company. Boy oh boy did Abigail nap well afterwards. She may or may not have been the only one.  Here is what she looked like after her HUGE nap (I'm talking I had to wake her up because she was cutting it close to bedtime, people).

Rewind time and this is us before and during brunch. I'm just challenging the idea of linear time here okay? 
Here is what she wore to her first Easter brunch. 
Oh no, it's the camera again

    I swear I didn't give her any chocolate. We didn't even get her gifts...I mean the Easter Bunny got lost on his way here. She's just a really happy baby. 
    Also, I thought that learning how to sit was adorable, but learning how to bounce and scoot on your bum is even cuter. She has always loved bouncing, and now we don't need to build our calf muscles for her to do it.
These two, I love them so.

We tried adding fancy shoes...

But they didn't last long, and in fact ended up being slobbered on and chewed.

Dad, there's a whole buffet downstairs, leave my hands alone!

How she feels about Mark

My heart.

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