Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's true, what they say

     I take too many pictures, make too many videos. Nothing captures the reality of what I experience everyday with this baby. Nothing comes close to showing her incredible personality. I know every parent says this, but they probably mean it too: my baby is the best. I hope these pictures help me save these memories. I hope they help me remember the sweet honey and lavender smell after her bath, the way her fingers wrap around mine, the way she drools when she laughs too hard.
     Everyone tells you that it's going to go too fast. That one minute they're screaming in the delivery room, then you blink and they're packing for University. I feel like I exhaled after that last push and now she's six months old. For once those nameless, shadowy members of "they" who "say" so many things; they were right. It does go too fast.
     Our sweet baby girl is half a year old. She sits without our help, grabs and holds toys without needing us to pick them up for her. She holds her sippy cup of water, hugs her little sock monkey when she sleeps and has started standing without our support. Where is my infant? The little baby I once had to carry on me to do anything? The one who napped best on me? She now whines when she's tired until we put her in her crib. Then she smiles, hugs her monkey and puts her thumb in her mouth as she rolls on her side.
How did this little rolly girl learn so quickly to become so sure, so independent? My heart breaks for what's over already, and is overjoyed by what is now and to come. Parenting is just as emotional and fulfilling as the books say. I didn't think I could love someone so much. I have to look away sometimes, I feel like I might burst if she smiles at me like that again. And her laugh? Oh it's a good one. So here are some of the memories I captured this week. A week out of so many I look forward to living.

     Sweet Abigail, we love you, your Daddy and I. We love you as the Earth loves you. Forever, and ever, and always.

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