Saturday, 27 April 2013

Abigail: 7 months

         Abigail has one tooth, sits up without any help, eats a variety of solid foods, feeds herself pieces of fruit and puffs (mum mums too), loves to Skype with family, tells stories and sings, plays peek-a-boo, stands unsupported for small amounts of time, rolls to toys, moves toys easily from one hand to the other, is SO ticklish, has pooped on the potty a few times and is weighing around 23lbs. She also likes to walk a lot, clap her hands, reach up when she wants to be picked up, splash in the bathtub, chew on EVERYTHING, shake her head "no" and scream when she's excited. She will probably start cruising soon- hello baby proofing!
         In February I went back to work full-time. I started nannying for a wonderful family not far from us in the neighbourhood. They have the funniest little guy (who Abby may or may not be in love with; the feeling is TOTALLY mutual). Abby comes with me some mornings, but spends most of them with her Daddy. In the afternoons, when Mark has to go to work, he drops her off and she plays with us. She goes to playgroup with us on those mornings when it's time for Daddy to take a break. Juggling two nap and feeding schedules has been tough- but I imagine it's PRETTY good practice for having more than one child (sometime in the far distant future, mind you). Abby has adjusted really well to being in this new space. 
         It was rough at first, but I think it was more of an adjustment to which I was resisting than it was her. She's awake more during the day now so it's all about balancing what is stimulating for her and what is stimulating for the 21 month old I care for. Thank goodness they are both so laid back, it took some working out. We have a pretty good routine now, and despite the odd tummy ache or teething fit here and there, we're doing really well. Playgroup has been a fantastic experience for us all. Abby has learned so much watching old children, and I have made great friends and connections both for work and social life. I feel like such a part of the parent and caregiver community there, it's fantastic. It's also a great space for community resources and a free way to entertain and educate young children. It's free to attend and there's coffee, tea and snacks, they have circle time and a large assortment of toys and play centers. I hope to continue going with Abby when I stop working full-time in June. 

Looking forward to: her baptism next weekend, learning to crawl and the wonderful moment when she says the words "mama" or "dada"

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