Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Special Dress

         Today the weather was absolutely beautiful here in Ottawa. Mark and I had the baptism preparation course to attend in the early afternoon, but Abigail and her Grandma, and cousin Quinn got to hit the park. Because I had only been out with her early in the morning today (THANK YOU TEETHING), I didn't realize how warm it was going to be...poor thing was a bit over dressed. It worked out though, since she's really fair and was completely covered during the hours when the sun was at its peak! When we got home we changed into summer clothes and went for another walk with Daddy before he ran off to work. Not only did Abby comfortably sport bare legs and arms, but she wore an adorable white sun bonnet too. I didn't get photos with the hat because she kept falling asleep in the Ergo and it covered her face. I am nervous about having such a fair skinned babe, but she seems to love the weather and being outside just as much as us. We'll just have to be careful!
        The most fun part of the day was skimming Abby's growing summer dress collection for the perfect outfit. This one in particular deserved mention, and was gladly worn as the first of the warm season. A while ago Mark ordered some new shirts online. We're very similar, when we get in a funk we shop...let's hope we don't get in many funks (for the sake of our bank account balances). Anyway, he was REALLY close to qualifying for free shipping but didn't quite hit the mark. Instead of throwing another t-shirt in his cart for himself he zoomed on over to the baby section and promptly picked something out for his baby girl. As I watched, tears actually came to my eyes. Mark has always been thoughtful, selfless and generous, but watching him do that like it was second nature really overwhelmed my heart with gratitude. Gratitude for him, for Abigail, and for the life we will all share together. I am so thankful for them. 
        The dress is still a bit roomy for her, but I enjoyed that it was loose and that she could move around in it. I think she appreciated that too. 




Wazzz upppp

If you're happy and you know it

clap your hands

Mom, this can't be my belly really this big?

I mean seriously.

Ohhhhh man, gotta lay off those puffs

    The dress is from Old Navy, and comes in an assortment of colours and sizes. I just wish it came in my size.

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