Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hot Hot Heat

          I love that band. It is also really really hot outside these days, despite the rain we've been getting. I do not handle heat well and neither do small children for whom outdoor play is the quintessential Summertime experience. Catch-22 for those of us brave enough to be caring for them full-time. Abby and I have one week left of work, and then we will be retreating to the cottage a few days a week to beat the city heat. Which, by the way, seems worse than regular run-of-the-mill heat in that it also throws sweaty people, car exhaust and every smelly green bin ever into the mix. 

         So how do we beat the heat these days? Well-placed fans and a portable air conditioner for starters. Baths, light fabric and colours, water, water, water. Hydrating during this heat is really important; it keeps headaches at bay, keeps you sweating, and gives you an excuse to run into an air conditioned place to relieve your over-full bladder! Basically it's a win, win, win. Hats, sun glasses and sun screen are also high on our packing list for outings of ANY duration. I don't know if you've seen pictures of Abby or not, (ha) but she may or may not be extremely susceptible to the effects of the Sun. 

        Today after work we walked home (I wear her to and from work which, though a short walk, is SWEATY in this heat I tell ya) and went straight to Mommy's bed to relax, have a drink and soak up all the air conditioned goodness. I couldn't get over how funny Abby was being despite it being her post-work crash witching hour so I grabbed my camera to show her off again. She also learned a pretty neat trick recently which I thought I'd show you. 

          Woo hoo, we learned about gravity and FINALLY tipped the cup on our own! Abby has been using bottles and sippy cups of water for as long as she's been in a high chair and eating solids- but the notion of tipping the cup was far from her radar. "Isn't that mommy or daddy's job anyway?" Now she tips cups even without handles, I love it!
        "Lady, I knew that I had to tip the silly cup, it was just more fun to make you do it every time I wanted to drink. Dance, monkey. Dance." - What she was thinking when I took this picture (obviously)

            Peek-a-boo elicits this reaction every time! I love it, and the giggles? Oh the giggles and squeals how they kill me. 

        This air conditioning feels nice. 

          Seriously, how is this child mine? How did she grow inside me? Oh Abigail, we love you so much, even in this heat.

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