Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day: Why I Love My Dad

He can rock a Butterbeer! 

He's alright with all three of his kids getting taller than him.

He owns a Wii for himself but is actually THE best at watching others play video games and enjoying it.

Even if there are enough seats for everyone, he'll sit on the floor just in case someone else needs a spot. 

He's had the same best friend forever, and they still act like they're in high school when they get together.

He will NEVER get the duck face.

He is always shocked that we want to spoil him or give him gifts. He has no idea how much more we'd love to do for him.

He went on a self-developed weight loss program and lost almost 100 lbs!

The shirt and the gun, and the fact that he posed for this picture.

He will always carve the bird for you.

This is the closest he gets to the duckface.

His crazy smile!

That he was trying to twist Matt's nipple here, at my babyshower. 

That he doesn't mind lounging with the ladies at a babyshower.

That he and my sister clearly don't represent the more caucasian parts of our heritage with their appearances.

His love for pork rinds.

The man can pose for pictures.

He can play it cool.

Annnnd fall asleep even during a loud round of trivia in four languages * which Krista and I won thank you!*

That he appreciates symmetry, almost.

That he was the model husband to my mother and shaped the way I looked for a future husband.

That he can fix ANYTHING even the balcony hot tub in Cancun.

That those were both for him.

The way he is still loving her like never before. 
The way he has always believed in me. 

The way he is holding us together, with mini put and Motorburger take out, hugs and tearful laughs.

The way he is keeping us ALL together. The way he always did, but even more now.

I love you, Dad. I can't wait to see babysitter Grandpa in action again. 

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