Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Father's Day: Why I love Daddy

Abigail takes longer than most to write blog posts, so here is her long-overdue Father's Day post for Mark: (she's really sorry for the delay) 

These are just some of the reasons I love my "Dada"
He makes me laugh during mealtime
He eats my feet
He made me laugh before anyone else.
   He taught me how to be cool in pictures
He lets me crash in his bed after a long night
We're like twins sometimes
Seriously. We match a lot.
We've been bros from the start.
He let me stay up late to watch The Avengers
He's really proud of me already, and wears that heart on his sleeve pretty literally.
He doesn't panic when I wake up during a dinner party, and knows just how to lull me back to sleep while still being the best host/dj around
We're the best nap partners
He takes me out, even on laundry day, when I'm dressed like this.
He makes me giggle and squeal while all the ladies around us sigh for some reason.
He takes me for walks and hangs out at the Canal with me.
He splashes with me!
He loves me ALMOST as much as I love him.

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